Quinoa Truths & Myths

Quinoa is a superfood that you should seriously consider adding to your diet sooner instead of later. It tastes great, is affordable and easy-to prepare, and is loaded with all of the good stuff that keeps your body healthy. But, there are many myths out there that prevent people from heading to the market to buy quinoa. Do not be one of those people. Here are a few of the common quinoa myths and the truth behind them.

Myth: Quinoa is Hard to Pronounce

Quinoa is not hard to pronounce but instead hard to read. It sounds like keen-wah. Once you say the name a few times it will become second-nature, so leave those fears behind.

Myth: It is Hard to Cook

Cooking quinoa is not hard to do nor will it take a lot of time. It is ready to eat in about 15 minutes. No matter who you are, cooking quinoa is easy from the very first time.

Cooking quinoa

Myth: It is Hard to Grow

As long as it’s kept out of extreme heat, growing it shouldn’t pose any problem. If it gets too cold, it can frost, but that usually will not cause grave damage. Do not let anyone tell you that quinoa is hard to grow. This is simply not true.

Myth: It Contains Gluten

If you adhere to a gluten-free diet, go ahead and add quinoa to the menu. Despite what some people think, it’s gluten-free so there are no worries! Eat away.

Myth: It’s a Grain

We replace carbs with quinoa, but do not mistakenly believe that it is a grain because it is a seed. Many people wrongly categorize the food and place it into a category with potatoes and oatmeal but it is nothing the same.

Myth: It is Hard to Find at the Market

Most supermarkets carry at least a couple of varieties. Visit a health food or natural food store or online and the endless options are sure to put a smile on your face.

Have you heard any of these common myths in the past? If you’ve heard anything about the popular superfood, you probably have but as they say, the truth shall set you free. Now is the perfect time to change the way that you eat and do thing for the better. You can add quinoa to the diet and life better, feel better, and improve your life. What could be better?