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Fast, safe and very flexible: this is how online bad credit loans are. They offer an alternative to those who urgently need the money and that is why they are becoming more popular every day. It seems that, when thinking about a loan, the first idea that comes to mind is a bank. Any option outside of traditional institutions can give us a feeling of uncertainty.

This, of course, was a reaction justified in the past, when the alternatives were few and of dubious origin. However, at present, things have changed. There is a very good alternative that, being equally efficient and transparent, offers us better comforts and benefits: quick loans.

We all know that, at a certain moment, unexpected expenses can arise from which we can not take charge sometimes. In such situations, personal loans are a good option to solve our problem.

However, you may wonder why you should apply for an online loan instead of a traditional loan. The answer is quite simple: online credits work in circumstances where banks usually can not support you. These are some of the reasons why you ask for loans online :


Banks have huge lists of requirements that must be reviewed and verified before granting a loan. These processes take a long time and in some cases it is precisely what we do not have. With the immediate online loans you can make your request at the time you want and you will have your money in less than 24 hours.

From an unexpected breakdown at home or the car to a last minute purchase, there are different situations that motivate the request for urgent loans. When you need the money from one day to the next, there is no time to deal with the bank and its bureaucratic processes. This is where online loans can give you the solution.

Reduction of fines

Imagine that you have received a fine. This, of course, counts as an unexpected expense. How can you reduce the effects of this inconvenience? Paying in the first 20 days from your reception you can reduce the amount by up to 50%. If you do not have how to do it, just by asking for one of our online micro loans you have the solution.

List of defaulters

Several drawbacks can lead to a responsible person ending up on a list of defaulters. This is an unpleasant situation that can have serious consequences, such as the bank not approving a credit or an owner refusing to rent an apartment. However, online loans without payroll and with ASNEF can be your solution.

With online microcredits you can get fast and secure online loans of up to € 750, regardless of whether you are on the ASNEF or RAI list. Without a doubt, a situation to be grateful.

Other income

Before granting a loan, the banks want to make sure that you will have a way to pay it once the date of cancellation arrives. For that reason, they demand that you show the income you have by submitting a payroll.

But what happens when you have other income, such as scholarships or government grants? No problem. With online credits with immediate response you will not need this verification.

Advantages of new online credits

This type of immediate , novel and different online loans may seem a bit intimidating at first. It is normal to have doubts. However, they offer a series of advantages with very little risk, with which the traditional bank could not compete.

From the reduction of time and effort of mobilization, to the absence of documentation and complicated procedures. We do not exaggerate when we say that they are micro loans online without paperwork.

Below, we detail a little better the advantages of online loans in installments :


If you need the money immediately, you just need to have the time it takes to connect to the Internet to make the request. In the act you will be able to select the amount, the time of payment and the quotas; also, you must provide your personal information and your contact. After 15 minutes, you will be notified if one of our online loans has been approved.


Forget about having to worry about gathering complicated requirements, meet a schedule or move. Easily, from any Smartphone, Tablet or device connected to the Internet, you can access this service. In addition, you can apply for online loans without paperwork throughout Spain:

  • Loans Madrid
  • Barcelona Loans
  • Online loans without paperwork in other cities such as Valencia, Seville, Palma de Mallorca.


As we have explained, any other bank would take some time to verify each and every one of your documents, even before deciding whether or not to approve the requested amount.

This does not happen with online credits. With them, you can get the money you need in minutes. Compared to the traditional, these online installment loans are almost instantaneous. In addition, you can request loans of different amounts, such as:

  • Loans of 100 euros
  • 600 euros loans

No timetable limit

Mini online loans operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Have you noticed that you need a credit at 3.00 am ?, has there been any unforeseen events during the Christmas dinner? Do you want to make your request on a Sunday?

You will be able to access the platform and request your new credits online regardless of the time, the day of the week or if it is a holiday. Whatever the situation, you will get a quick response.


Flexibility is one of the main characteristics of this type of immediate online loans , since they seek to establish a relationship of trust in which a better solution can be offered to the needs of each client.

In this way, the applicant can decide each of the conditions according to their convenience. From the amount, to the form and time of payment, everything runs on your own. You can also choose the lender that suits you, such as:

  • Loancredit Loans
  • Credit24 loan

Few requirements

Unlike bank loans, you do not usually need much to ask for mini loans online. In addition to having reached the age of majority and having a bank account in your name, you simply have to have a constant income form. That is more than enough for your application to be approved.

Little documentation

Online loans without paperwork are very convenient and simple transactions. These are loans without payroll or endorsement, only DNI. Thanks to them you can make your request at the time you want; without long lines, cumbersome procedures, endless forms or an eternal wait. In short, you can access an online loan without papers.

You do not need to justify what you will do with the money that is lent to you, or where you get your income from. The entity-client relationship is based on trust and, as long as you comply with the simple and few requirements and ensure that you can pay, there is no reason why you should not be granted the requested amount.

What do you need to know about loans and loans online without a payroll?

As we explained earlier, easy credit does not need the financial source to be a traditional job. It can be any other type of income, provided that this allows you to comply with the deal when it is time to pay. Moreover, it does not even require the presence of a guarantee.

On the other hand, entities that offer loans without questions will also not verify whether or not you are on a list of defaulters. Online loans without payroll and with ASNEF are included in their services and are some of the most outstanding in relation to traditional financial institutions.

The bank would never dare approve online loans without payroll under these conditions; that’s why instant credits are your best option. Do you need answers on the spot? We give them to you. Do not hesitate any longer and contact us.

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