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If you do not have your finances permanently in view, you can quickly get into a tailspin. Because especially in our time, where there are buying incentives on every corner and where the flood of goods and the infinite possibilities force us to more and more expenses, the overview of your own finances can be lost quickly. And then it usually does not take too long until the first unpaid bill lands at a collection agency, which is tasked with the recovery of outstanding liabilities.

If it has already come to this, then it means that the failed now catch up quickly and to put their own finances back on a firmer footing. In addition, the debt must be cleared quickly, otherwise it leaves its mark in the private credit and then ensures that financially speaking hardly anything. After all, whoever has a negative attitude with the private credit, for example, has no chance to take out a loan under normal circumstances. In addition, a purchase on account is no longer possible and the conclusion of a new telephone contract or the application for a credit card is no longer working.

But what to do if a debt collection company already cares about the debt and wants to quickly get the money? Where should it come from, if there are no savings? Does a loan work despite collection? Or is this not possible anymore?

Loan despite collection – that’s how it works

Loan despite collection - that

A collection company should always be seen as a last reminder of the big financial bang. Anyone who has not served their obligations before and has not paid any attention to the payment reminders and reminders of the creditors now has the last chance with the debt collection company to pay its debts in a normal way. The fact that the collection agency has packed a hefty premium on the debt, which now has to be paid, should be regarded as a punishment and a reminder. Because who is defaulting, must pay for it.

A loan despite debt collection can always work, if the debt is not yet in the private credit. In order for them to land there, a judicial dunning procedure must have been initiated. However, as long as the collection company still collects the debts, this dunning procedure does not yet exist. And thus there should be no negative entry in the private credit.

For all concerned, this means that now has to act quickly if a loan is to be taken despite collection. In the best case, one looks first on the Internet for suitable loan offers. A comparison calculator can help and take a lot of work. He shows the best credit offers and also links directly to the underlying banks.

The recording over the Internet can be completed within a few days. If a simple installment loan is selected, then this is not earmarked and can therefore be used individually. And a consumer loan should still work under these circumstances.

However, in this financially tense situation, we recommend that you refrain from further financial burdens such as loans that are not taken to repay the debt.

Anyone who in the already difficult situation makes further debts that are not needed can also be held liable under such circumstances. Namely, if he deliberately takes the credit, although it is known that this actually can not be operated. We therefore recommend that you only take out a loan despite collection, if the money from the loan is to be used to settle the debt and to be financially stable again.

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